New Dealer Regulations and DealerWEB for License Plate Bonds for Newfoundland

By June 12, 2023, all auto dealers in Newfoundland, must submit a new dealer application form and supporting documents to issue a new Dealer Licence and to register the dealer in new DealerWEB.

MRD has worked with the Automobile Dealers Association and dealerships to transition to a new DealerWEB and ensure dealerships meet the requirements in the Highway Traffic Act and the Dealer Regulations. We have updated our E-Service portal to allow issuance of the new bond penalties outlined in the updated regulations.

We recommend that you check with your dealer clients to ensure the proper bond value represents the sales per month. For bonds in force that require a change to security, endorsements can be requested by email to

For more information on the changes, please refer to the link below. section of the MRD website.

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