When You Have to Step up to the Plate

The basic principle we live by is that a surety company has to be ready to step up to the plate - without hesitation - when a project goes sour. We stand behind our surety products.

And brokers and owners are the real judges. They can tell you from personal experience how well a surety company steps up.

In a recent Western Surety case, an Alberta sewer and water construction company was hit with the 2008 economic collapse just as it was being sold. The economic downturn undermined the sale and forced receivership, leaving two projects unfinished. The projects totaled almost $3 million.

At Western Surety, we acted immediately. In one project that was already underway, Western Surety facilitated a tender on the work to be completed, awarded the project to the low bidder and put it back on track as quickly as possible.

The second project had not yet started, but was formally awarded after Western Surety provided bid bond security. Unfortunately, the re-tender resulted in the project value increasing by $170,000 – at Western Surety's cost. Nevertheless, it was promptly awarded so the project could be launched without further delay.

And how did the broker judge our response to the two projects? Here's what he said:
"The timely response by Western Surety to the claim notice was impressive.

"Often in a bond claim the process becomes delayed by arguments over funds or various other claims and disputes. While Western Surety had to deal with many of these sorts of issues, the company's priority was to enter into a completion contract and get the project on track again for the owner."
Our clients have high expectations for performance. At Western Surety, our goal is to meet the highest standard.

Highlights from a hundred years
Put all your eggs in one basket ... then watch that basket!
Specialization is important for Western Surety. Since 1909, surety has been our one and only business, and we're proud to be "the bond people." A century ago, the firm was one of many; today we're the only company in Canada exclusively devoted to surety. When you spend 100 years at something, you get very good at it. That's the proven experience we aim to provide to our clients every day.
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