Investing in the People who Serve You
Western Surety's Scott Beitel receives his Associate of Canadian Surety Bonding (A.C.S.B.) designation from Steven Ness, President of the Surety Association of Canada in Toronto on September 22nd.

The only underwriters in Canada to receive the Associate of Canadian Surety Bonding designation during The Surety Association of Canada (S.A.C.) annual general meeting in Toronto this year were from Western Surety.

"We invest heavily in the people who serve our clients," says President Scott Donald.

"Our underwriters work long and hard to pass those exams, and we support them with finances and study time."

"That gives our clients confidence that Western Surety's people have the broadest knowledge base and deepest training in surety bonding."

"We think the A.C.S.B. designation is top-of-the-line development. It's a joint program between S.A.C. and the University of Toronto. The course is rigorous and very industry specific – it covers contract and commercial surety, finance, law and business."

"A number of our staff have earned the designation in the past and we look forward to announcing another designation recipient in 2010."

One of this year's winners is Scott Beitel. He was recruited by Western Surety four years ago and arrived with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. In short order Scott had set about a disciplined and rigorous three-year program of study to earn the A.C.S.B designation. Not content to stop there, Scott is now working on his Certified Management Accountant designation.

Highlights from a hundred years
Time Flies!
In 1947 Fred Hill was a distinguished veteran of the American military and a member of Harvard's first post-World War II graduating class. He had a host of career opportunities and offers in the USA. But the young Hill agreed to return home, join his father's business and give Saskatchewan a try for three years. That three-year stay turned into more than six decades, as Fred raised a family, contributed to his community and built the Hill Group of Companies, including Western Surety, into a national business presence.
It's always about the people!

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