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Western Surety’s recent investment in new staff and offices across Canada seems to be providing the kind of service brokers want.

Thanks to our network of brokers across the country, submissions are at an all-time high (Western Surety is now processing submissions at a rate of more than one per day) and overall revenue is up by 25% compared to last year.

"The key is service standards," says President and COO Scott Donald. "We’ve been investing in resources in order to continually improve service.

"That’s what brokers need, and if we can meet that need we can make Western Surety a more valuable company for our clients, shareholders and stakeholders.

"We see it the way our slogan says it " — ‘Helping Build Canada.’ The more we do as a surety company, the greater our contribution to the country’s growth."

(L to R) Scott Donald and Neil Penner of Western Surety, Murray Sali of Aon Regina and Danny Riviere of Western Surety at one of this year's Schmirler Classics.

Golfing for curlers, and winning for charity

The late Sandra Schmirler was Canada’s first Olympic gold medalist in curling, but part of her legacy is a suite of charity golf tournaments held in several provinces every year.

You may know that Western Surety is a promoter of these tournaments, helping raise money to fight cancer.

What you may not know is that besides contributing to the charity, we’ve also been fortunate enough to take home first prize on occasion. Pictured is the winning team from this summer's tournament.

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