Dedication at High Speed

Lex Kress and Steve Ness
Lex receives the Associateship in Surety Bonding from Steve Ness,
President of the Surety Association of Canada, in Toronto this fall.

Just how dedicated to client service is Lex Kress?

How about earning an Associateship in Surety Bonding in a whirlwind 20 months – a breathtaking pace achieved during a time you’re also planning your wedding?

Lex embarked on the University of Toronto/Association of Canadian Surety Bonding associateship program shortly after she was hired at Western Surety in July 2008 and she began her first course in September 2008, and finished the designation in May 2010, just three months before her wedding.

"You have to be eager," says Lex, who already held a Bachelor of Business Administration with a double major in Marketing and Finance when she joined Western Surety.

"I figured it would be the most beneficial for my clients if I learned as much as I could as quickly as possible.

"The course let me fast-track a lot of new knowledge and insight that would take me years to acquire on the job.

"And a program like this also gave me the chance to see surety business from many perspectives."

Lex worked full-time throughout the 20-month period, completing a correspondence program that can take others up to three years.

On August 14, 2010 Lex married Jon Kress (a Regina City Police Officer). They have two French bulldogs and love to travel.

Time to relax now? Not for Lex, if there’s more to learn.

She’s already enrolled in the Surety School of the National Association of Independent Surety. This course will be an intensive, on-site, week-long program this month in Iowa.

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