Paul Bourassa
Paul Bourassa, General Counsel
and Chief Compliance Officer

Few surety companies have an in-house claims service.

Western Surety not only has one, but is now adding more weight to the office.

Paul Bourassa, who was formerly General Counsel for the Hill Group of Companies that includes Western Surety, has changed his role and will focus exclusively on Western Surety claims and compliance.

He says his change in role will enable him to deal with Western Surety’s claims in a more effective and timely manner..

And his role as compliance officer also reinforces the stability and reliability clients look for.

Paul is a 24-year veteran of claims and compliance with the company, and holds Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor degrees.

He has served on many community boards and has been recognized for his community involvement as recipient of the United Way President’s Award, the Community Service Award from the Saskatchewan Branch of the Canadian Bar Association, and the Province of Saskatchewan Centennial Medal.

Hard Work Earns an Independent Spot on the Front Line

Cory Manchur
Cory Manchur       
Greg Salmon
Greg Salmon         

After a heavy year as trainees, two Western Surety staff members have earned a well-deserved promotion to Underwriter.

Cory Manchur manages accounts in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. He holds a commerce degree and has completed the Canadian Securities Course. His sights are now set on the Associateship of Canadian Surety Bonding as well as Certified Management Accounting designations.

Greg Salmon manages accounts in British Columbia and Alberta. He holds a bachelor’s degree, along with the Investment Funds in Canada, and Canadian Insurance and Life License Qualification Program courses. Next is the Canadian Surety Bonding designation.

Another Contribution to Education

Western Surety has just added another $10,000 to the Lionel N. Ray Scholarship at Notre Dame College in Wilcox.

Ray was a longtime President of Western Surety. He retired in 1974 and passed away in 1990.

The scholarship supports students at a college that’s nationally recognized for its outstanding graduates, tough standards and great hockey players.

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