Neil Penner, General Manager

Western Surety's General Manager Neil Penner has now reached his 35th year of employment, so we'll be toasting him in the months ahead.

But what does that mean for you?

We think Neil symbolizes the kind of service Western Surety provides. Reliable. Personal. Here for the long haul.

Neil was an up-and-coming young accountant for our parent Hill Group of Companies when he was "tapped on the shoulder" by Leo Ell (Past President) to become a Western Surety underwriter.

He moved through the ranks and became General Manager in 1994. Today, most of his time is spent overseeing two branch offices and commercial surety, as well as assisting with contract bond underwriting.

"Around here," says Neil, "we like to say 'it's all about the people.' But that slogan is also my personal story.

"I've stayed here because of the brokers and contractors I've served for many years, and because I can come to work every day and be part of a really exceptional team."

"You get to know people when you've served them and worked with them over a long period of time.

"Who'd leave a position where you deal with the best people, and where things like integrity, trust and respect are part of the daily job?"

And that job is going to continue for a long time yet. Neil says he has no plans to retire – which we think is great because he'll be able to continue advancing the corporate values and growth for which he has been a major inspiration over the last three and a half decades.

Is Your Family Eligible for RESP Awards?

The June 30 deadline is fast approaching for Western Surety's Registered Educational Savings Program awards. Here's what you need to know:
  • 5 awards – each award will be $1,000 deposited directly to an RESP.
  • 1 RESP per family; a family can apply for more than one child, but if an award is granted, the $1,000 will be shared among the RESPs in the family.
  • Head of household must be a surety division employee of a Western Surety Company contracted broker.
  • Children for whom the RESP applies must be under 18 years of age.
  • 1 award in Atlantic Canada; 1 in Ontario; 2 in Western Canada and 1 from the country at large.
  • There's no application form – To apply just send the names of your children, yourself and your brokerage by June 30, 2011 to:

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