Western Surety’s Atlantic office marks its 10-year anniversary this month.

Manager Steve Myrer says the Atlantic economy has been remarkably stable ... so what has happened in his office in that decade?

How about a five-fold growth in premiums and a four-fold in the number of brokers served.

"After the first six months of operation, we knew there was going to be significant growth," says Steve.

"It’s because we’re bringing our clients a commitment to service and a "can do" attitude.

"In our company Surety is all we do, and we’re given the tools and authority to support our brokers and contractors.

“Our team is really thankful for the great support of our brokers and clients.  After 10 years, I can see the evidence that we’re providing real value in Atlantic Canada.”

The Halifax office was the first branch office for Western Surety back in 2001. Branch Manager Steve Myrer and Senior Surety Underwriter Tom Pelham have been there from day one. Administrative Assistant Maggie Weir joined in 2007 and Senior Surety Underwriter Wes Benson came on board in 2010.

The Atlantic office was followed by a branch office in Toronto, which recently celebrated its first year of operation.

Goodbye to a Friend

We say goodbye to John Glendinning, who passed away on the 3rd of June.

Western Surety knew John as a broker for more than 30 years through AON plus, Glendinning and Gardner Insurance, and most recently, Marsh Canada.

Don’t Forget the June 30 Deadline for RESP Awards

Don’t forget the June 30 deadline for Western Surety’s Registered Educational Savings Program awards:
  • 5 awards – each will be $1,000 to be deposited directly to an RESP.
  • 1 RESP per family; a family can apply for more than one child, but if an award is granted the $1,000 will be shared among the children in the family.
  • Head of household must be a surety division employee of a Western Surety Company contracted broker.
  • Children for whom the RESP applies must be under 18 years of age.
  • 1 award in Atlantic Canada; 1 in Ontario; 2 in Western Canada and 1 from the country at large.
  • There’s no application form – To apply just send the names of your children, yourself and your brokerage to:


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