Our congratulations to the winners of a Western Surety Company contribution to Registered Education Savings Plans!

This is the second year the company has held a draw for Western Surety brokers across the country.

“We provide $1,000 to each of five families,” says President and CEO Scott Donald, “Our vision is about building Canada, and the best way to build a country is to support education.”

“And supporting our brokers allows us to give back something to those people who are our most important business partners.”

This year’s winners are:

  • Joshan Beryar – son of Jit Bhullar, Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada, Surrey
  • Spencer Lowe – son of Lois Innes, Marsh Canada, Calgary
  • Carson and Abigail Hudey – children of Mike Hudey, Henderson Insurance, Regina
  • Colin and Aiden Thompson – children of Sheila Thompson, Rosenberg & Parker of Canada, Toronto
  • Allyson Hodgson – daughter of Lori Hodgson, Angus-Miller Ltd., Saint John

At Western Surety we serve and support the contruction industry by way of bonds that are issued by our brokerage force across Canada.

Interestingly, here at our head office doorstep we are right in the midst of a very real construction project.

The picture shows the third Hill Company tower that’s rising in Regina. Western Surety’s head office is right next door (to the left) in Tower 2.

And at the same location – just out of sight of this photograph – the City has torn up two blocks for a major streetscape renewal project.

So today we’re getting a real bird's eye view of what a bonded construction project involves on a daily basis!

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