How Leo Ell became a Surety Leader


The service you get from a surety company depends on the kind of people who built it – their values and principles. Board member Leo Ell is one of those people.

A 39-year staff member before he retired in 1998, Leo Ell had spent 20 of those years building Western Surety as President and CEO – extending the company’s service reach from six to 10 provinces, quadrupling returns and multiplying assets nearly seven-fold.

How did this one-time accountant manage to achieve all that?

“We focused on slow, steady growth,” says Leo. “One of the things we instilled in our team was that our business would be about quality, not quantity.

“There’s always fierce competition, and in this industry Western Surety has been the only one that focused on surety and nothing else. There’s no reliance on other revenue streams like insurance.

“Being pure surety, we have to make sure we’re the best at it – being consistent in how we treat customers and aiming for excellence year after year. We have to work closely with our accounts to really understand them.

“We’re the only ones who look at ‘pure surety’ that way. That’s the biggest difference.

“Growth was a result of leading the company in that direction. Today, sitting on the Board, the same principles apply.”

Are You Taking Advantage of our Broker Login?

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The service allows you to fill in the documentation on the standard bond wordings and print them off ready for your signature.

To access the service, use your broker login.

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