ALERT: Change to the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure of Saskatchewan Labour and Material Payment Bond Wording

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure of Saskatchewan advised of a minor change to their Labour and Material Bond wording that is effective immediately – see Ministry advisory below. This wording change has been updated on Western Surety’s E-Services.

Ministry Advisory

Subject: ALERT: Change to the Ministry website Labour and Material Payment Bond,

Please advise your members of the following change to the Ministry website. The Labour and Material Payment Bond has updated and posted to the Ministry Website. This document replaces the previous Labour & Material Payment bond which has been removed from the website.

Please share this information with others in your company or membership.

The Ministry noted that the wording on the surety licensing requirements of the Performance bond and the Labour & Material Payment bond were not consistent. The Ministry responded by updating the Labour & Materials Payment bond to match the description in the Performance bond. A minor addition was made to the contact information for the Ministry in Appendix A Section 2.3 involved adding the words Government of Saskatchewan.

The updated bond requires the Surety to be ”a corporation created and existing under the laws of Canada and duly authorized to transact the business of Suretyship in the Province of Saskatchewan, as Surety”, and aligns with the Performance bond.

The approved bond is effective immediately and shall be used in all future contracts. Make it a habit to always pull a new template off the Ministry website to make sure you always have the most current edition of the file.

The documents are located on the Doing Business with the Ministry page
Doing Business with MHI\Contractors and Consultants\Bonds\

  • Labour and Material Payment Bond

If you have any questions about this documents please contact Lori Matthews, Consultant Services Engineer, Procurement and Contract Administration Branch at (306) 787-4621.

Lori Matthews, P.Eng., PMP

Government of Saskatchewan
Consultant Services Engineer
Consultant Services Section
Procurement and Contract Administration Branch, Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

These new bond wordings are available to issue through WSC’s e-services.


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